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WFWX238 Love Seamless Bra
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ZIMO Yoga Clothes

ZIMO is a Nordic style luxury yoga and
fitness clothing brand, jointly founded by renowned Chinese designer Sara Wang
and veteran yoga enthusiast Fiona who has been living in Sweden for many years.
The original intention of the brand is to use high-end professional sports
fabrics to ensure the functionality of yoga and fitness clothing, while
breaking the stereotype of traditional yoga and fitness clothing through
innovative design and cutting, integrating it into fashion and life, ZIMO is
not only a yoga and fitness apparel brand, but also a lifestyle that
immediately gained popularity among socialites, model stars, and yoga and
fitness enthusiasts upon its launch.

unique journey

High-end professional sports fabrics

ZIMO is not only a brand of yoga fitness clothing, but also a lifestyle. Once launched, it was immediately sought after by socialites, model stars, and yoga and fitness celebrities.


Our original intention in founding ZIMO was to make yoga no longer just a sport, but a way of life. We believe that wearing yoga clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable can inspire people to pursue a healthier life more actively and integrate yoga into their daily lives.

Nordic style

Elasticity is naturally unimpeded

high density,high weaving,high elasticity
high density is highly woven resilient and inclusive

Zimo story

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